Flipping the Introduction to Arts and Architecture course; Flipping the Architectural History and Theory Course

Thursday, 28 April, 2016
Starting time: 
K183 Garanti Bankası Amfisi

TED University Center for Teaching and Learning is inviting our academicians to the seminars entitled “Flipping the Introduction to Arts and Architecture course by Prof. Dr. Arda İnceoğlu, and “Flipping the Architectural History and Theory Course” by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sezgin  (MEF University).

“Flipping the Introduction to Arts and Architecture course”


Architectural education is open to Flipping by its very nature. Since 19th century, design studios have been at the core of very different models of architectural education. Design studios have always been always active learning environments where students learn by doing. Such a structure immediately creates a learning culture which is based on active learning where students are challenged to take responsibility, to solve complex problems and develop their individual character as designers. Thus, following the lead of design studios, flipping theoretical courses within the architectural curriculum should be almost natural. However, this is not necessarily the case. There is a wide gap in pedagogical approaches used between design studios and theory courses within architectural education. Courses on architectural technology (structures, construction methods, detailing) and to a lesser extent courses on history and theory of architecture are taught in more conventional ways with little emphasis on the application of the information discussed. Within this context, it is important to find ways to develop non-studio courses as active learning environments. This talk will summarize the experience of flipping an introductory course over four semesters. 


Received his BArch degree from ITU; MArch degree from NCSU College of Design and his PhD degree from ITU at 1999. Taught architectural design studios and architectural theory courses at ITU between 1992 – 2012 and at NCSU College of Design between 2001-2002 and 2013-2014. Joined MEF University at 2014 and established the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture as the founding Dean. Beyond his architectural research and education, has been involved in the practice of architecture. Some of his completed works include Pamukkale Tennis Club (with Deniz Aslan), Müşkülüm Çiftliği (with İpek Yürekli and Trafo Mimarlar), İTÜ Beylerbeyi Primary School (with İpek Yürekli and Trafo Mimarlar). He has received a number of awards in architectural and urban design competitions, including second prize in the international invited competition for the canopy of Göbeklitepe. Has also received the Project Award of the Chamber of Architects’ at 2002 with the ABS Headquarters building (with İpek Yürekli, Deniz Aslan, Cem Altun and Sevim Aslan).

Flipping the Architectural History and Theory Course


Architectural history demands acquiring a set of knowledge prerequisite to critical understanding architecture in its various contexts. The descriptive narration can easily overwhelm the architectural history course by relegating students to a passive role in learning. Furthermore, transfer of the knowledge from the architectural history course to the design studio centered curriculum of architectural education constitutes a challenge. Flipped classroom offers an opportunity to take on the issue and connect the course to the interactive learning culture of the design studio. It can accommodate the tools to enhance comparisons within and critical analysis of the subject matters. My presentation draws on my two semesters’ experience to this end. I will give insight into the reception by the students as well as the tool and methods I employ. 


After receiving his bachelor of Architecture, he completed his master studies at the World Heritage Studies at BTU Cottbus.  He got his PhD degree at Art History & Visual Studies at the University of Manchester. His research interests cover architectural historiography and its relationship with nationalism and geography. After his teaching experience between 2012 and 2015 at the Bahçeşehir University, he teaches architectural history and design studio at the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture at the MEF University since Spring 2015. He also acts as the supervisor and advisor for projects about Ottoman architectural heritage at the ÇEKÜL Foundation (Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage).