Purpose and Mission


The purpose of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to promote excellence in teaching and learning inside and outside of the classroom. Excellent teaching encourages students to be more curious about new intellectual questions, helps them to view a situation from a different perspective, immerses all students in analysis, discovery, problem solving, and communication, prepares them for “Real-World” problems, and emphasizes personal and social responsibility.


TED University is determined to replace lecture based teaching with active, interactive, problem based, application oriented instruction, to shift from teaching to learning, and to enrich the learning environment to incorporate higher order thinking skills into undergraduate education. Regarding the institutional policy of the University, the mission of the CTL is to provide a multifaceted resource to support faculty and students in their integration of innovative educational practices at university environment by promoting methods that encourage active learner engagement and critical thinking. In order to achieve this the Center will provide workshop sessions, seminars, conferences, IT support, consultation, classroom observation for the faculty and the students.