Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems (LMS) can be defined as online platforms providing the sustainability of education process outside of class context. These systems provide students with the opportunity of creating e-portfolios, answering short quizzes, doing homework anytime and anywhere, and archiving class notes. In addition to this, with the features provided by some systems, students have the opportunity to have communication with both their friends and teachers. In terms of education institutes, these systems might contribute to accountibility and transparency criteria. In this regard, use of these systems as one of the components of student centered education is dramatically spreading.  As the most commonly used classroom management system recently in the world, MOODLE, has been effectively used by Ted University . Detailed information about what MOODLE is and why and how it is being used is presented in links 1, 2, and 3. Information regarding encouraging teachers to use the system can be found in link 4. Information on how a course content will be organized and how quizzes will be prepared is provided in links 5 and 6