Academic Tutoring Program

TEDU Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Tutoring Program is a peer-based tutoring program designed to provide one-on-one assistance and small group support to undergraduate students in scientific subjects, including mathematics, physics, economics, and computer. CTL offers  individual or group tutoring services to TEDU students.

Features Of The Program

The Program runs as a drop-in service with a first come first serve policy. No appointments are necessary. Tutors are available weekdays. Students are welcome to visit a tutor as often as they need assistance. Tutoring services are available for MATH 101-102, MATH 103, MATH 111-112, PHYS 105-106, CMPE 101-211, and ECON 101-102 courses.

What Our Tutors Can And Cannot Do?

Tutors can assist in two ways: they will explain conceptual material and will demonstrate how to solve problems. They cannot, however, complete your problem sets or homework for you. Tutors will not help with take-home exams. Tutors cannot teach new material when you have missed class.

When and Where?

Tutors are available in the office of CTL (No 340) from Monday to Friday. Tutoring is not available when the Center is closed in national and religious days and breaks. Tutoring is not available during the summer.

Tutorial Comments/Questions

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions concerning the Tutoring Program, please email either to sends e-mail) or sends e-mail). Your feedback is very important and will reply as quickly as possible.